• Team training for 
long-term systems.

    Team training for long-term systems.

    Training sessions will continue to happen via video conferencing.

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    Important Notice

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Giving people without speech new ways to talk

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About Open Access Resource Centre

The Open Access Resource Centre (OARC) is committed to improving the lives of Manitobans with speech challenges through the use of communication devices. With ongoing operational support from the Government of Manitoba, Department of Families OARC is able to help individuals receive long-term systems as well as providing the supports needed for successful implementation of a device as a communication tool.



Reference Guide

OARC developed a reference guide to assist with the ongoing maintenance and care of your iPad. Download it here.


Thank You

A big thank you to teams who have been working diligently on behalf of children in preparing them to receive their own long-term communication systems. We have always felt the strong need to work together with you to ensure that children have a way to interact with the world and share a bit (or a lot) of who they are.