Giving people without speech new ways to talk

OARC Newsletter - FALL 2021 - Cover Story 

Timmy's mom can't wait to find out what treasures lie within Timmy's soul!

Submitted by Jacki Balfour

Timmy for Website

It was January of 2018 when we met our amazing son for the first time in an orphanage in Bulgaria. Timmy was two and a half and we had been told that he was completely nonverbal, so our expectations were very low. In that first week of scheduled meetings with Timmy, we saw that he very quickly picked up on what we were saying in English, and were delighted when he began to mimic some basic words like “mama”, “ball”, and “up”. We were hopeful that when we brought him home, communication wouldn’t be as big of a hurdle as we had initially believed. 

We’ve been surprised in more ways than one . . .

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