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Our services focus on supporting children who require a speech generating device (SGD). 

Research in the field of augmentative and alternative communication has led us to understand that all children that need a communication device can learn how to use it. There are no prerequisite skills needed before considering a SGD for a child. The work we do at OARC is to ensure that individuals requiring an SGD receive a long-term system. At the current time the vast majority of these SGDs are iPads with communication apps on them.

The need for training and ongoing support has become a vital part of what we do. Our goal is to maximize the success of each child needing an SGD to communicate. We do this by ensuring that the team (both home and school) is trained and set up to effectively and successfully implement the SGD as a communication tool. 

OARC is focusing our resources in both acquiring a SGDs for children and in supporting the team through education, training and troubleshooting.

The Process:

  1. There is an OARC Application for iDevice form to fill out and submit to OARC to begin the process of acquiring an SGD for a child. This form can be downloaded from our website (see below) and must be accompanied by a Letter Support from an SLP indicating why this child requires a communication device. Submit both the completed application (with all the required signatures) and a letter of support to or fax 204-775-2385.
  2. OARC will consult with those submitting the application, as needed, regarding the appropriate type of SGD as well as recommended communication apps.
  3. A funder for the SGD will be identified, at which point there may be additional forms to fill out (required by the funder) before the approval of funding.  
    NOTE: Following the submission of an application the wait-time for a long term SGD will vary depending on the funder. 
  4. Once funding is approved/secured OARC will purchase the SDG (including iPad, case, apps, etc).
  5. OARC Staff will then set up the device customizing and applying appropriate restrictions to ensure the iPad is used as a communication device.
  6. OARC Staff will then set up a training session with the team (parents, SLP, school staff etc.) This training session is to help with introducing the device and helping the team get starting with the implementation of it.
  7. OARC is also committed to troubleshooting and supporting Children using an SGDs.

If you have any questions about our service, we would love the chance to speak with you. Please give us a call @ 204-949-2430 or email

Application for iDevice
Application for iDevice (Fillable form)
iDevice Application versus Request for Quote guidelines