Giving people without speech new ways to talk

  • Free ten-week loans apply to dedicated devices (high tech to low tech).  iDevices are generally not loaned out and require an Application for iDevice to be filled out (you can download this form from our HOME page) 
  • All Eye Gaze systems will continue to require an initial assessment by OARC staff which may lead to a short-term 10-week trial.
  • OARC operates on a first-come, first-served basis. - High-demand equipment can require a waiting time.
  • OARC is open to the public - Individuals, families, professionals, and service providers may all access the services of the Centre.
  • OARC encourages a team approach - Working with existing teams in the community leads to the best use of communications devices.
  • OARC finds information - To assist in the best selection and use of devices, information on devices is updated regularly.
  • OARC offers training - Individuals and service providers are trained on the use of equipment they borrow. Visit our Education and Training page for more information on programs offered by OARC.