Giving people without speech new ways to talk

Low-tech devices are most suitable for first-time users of a communications device. They offer basic messages and commands and are easy to operate. Voice messages can be recorded for play back when needed.



bigmackA single-message (20 seconds total time) voice output communication aid with solid state technology for high quality voice reproduction. With the capacity to quickly and easily have messages changed, a user is able to communicate throughout their day. Available in a variety of different colors, the switch is responsive across its entire surface and is sensitive to less than 3 ounces of pressure. One activation of the switch will play the entire message. The BIGmack runs on a 9-volt battery, with an external volume control dial, an external switch jack, and an external speakerjack.

Size: 5" D, up to 2.25" H


Go Talk & GoTalk 4

gotalk4A very durable communication device. Portable, easy to use the Go Talk has a possible 36 messages; nine message keys with four distinct levels. Each message button is a 2" square with a built in keyguard. With a total of 6 minutes of recording each message has a 10 second limit. The Go Talk runs on 2 AA batteries.

The Go Talk4 has a possible 16 messages; 4 messages with 4 distinct levels. Each message button is a 3" square with a 20 second limit per message.

Size: 9" W x 12" L x 7/8" D
(Weight 12 oz.)


iTalk 2 Communicator

italk2Dual-message communicator is ideal for beginning communicators or those needing a communication device to assist with choice making. The iTalk2 is designed on an angle for easy access with 2 easy to record messages. Each button is 2.5" in diameter and has 10 seconds of recorded time.



partner4The Partner/Four is a four-message communication device with LED illuminated feedback. The Partner/Four has "Real-Voice" high quality audio reproduction. It's light-weight and comes with a shoulder strap to make it easy to take with you. Two output jacks are provided for external connections to control toys, appliances, etc. Two input jacks are provided for switch access. Record and playback 4 messages on a light-touch membrane panel with a standard message length of 8 seconds per square. Each square picture size is 2.75 in.

Size: 12.4" x 5.3" x 2.6 "
Weight: 570 g.



seqwhThe Sequencer is a one-button sequential messaging communication aid. This allows you to program the messages in a preset order and then play them back in succession. This device has 2 message levels with a maximum of 60 seconds per level.

Size: 3" L x 3" W x 2" D



step-stepThe Step-by-Step communicator is designed for pre-recording a series of message sequences to be used throughout the day. Record as many message sequences as you need, up to 75 seconds. The 2 1/2" angled switch surface can allows for easy access. Runs on a 9 volt battery.

Size: 2 1/2" round